Elsie Okpocha

Elsie Okpocha, Why I Don’t Share Friends’ Secrets With Basketmouth

Elsie Okpocha, the wife of popular comedian Bright Okpocha popularly know as Basket Mouth says she don’t discuss her friends secrets with her husband.

Last week, Elsie made a post on social media, advising wives and girlfriends not to allow their partner know the secrets of their friends.

She said, “I only tell my husband things about my friends that I want him to know. I have my faults too and I would not like my friends telling their husbands certain things about me.

“I know how husbands and wives usually talk about most things but I don’t get carried away. I majorly tell my husband about the positive sides of my friends.

“That also includes my family members. I don’t portray my friends to my family in a negative way. I don’t say things that will make people look at my friends in a negative light. Imagine me saying bad things about a friend, and the next day, people see us hanging out together. That would make me look stupid. I am not that type of person.”