Ondo and Ekiti Petroleum Marketers Accuse NNPC Of Diverting PMS Meant For The State To the North

Patrol dealers in Ekiti and Ondo have come out to accuse the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC ) of diverting fuel meant for them to unknown locations, as fuel scarcity worsens in that region.

The two southwestern states are members of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association Of Nigeria(IPMAN ). Both states have cried out, saying, despite the shortage in both states, the NNPC depot in Ore is moving petroleum products meant for them to other locations.

In a chat with one of the marketers known as Ayodele, he expressed his displeasure saying, they got a letter from the NNPC requesting the truck drivers to load their products to other locations that weren’t disclosed.

“The scarcity of PMS (petrol) has hit both Ondo and Ekiti, for the past two weeks now thereby resulting in a long queue in the cities. And the Ore depot ordinarily was meant to supply the two states.

“But we are surprised that they are bringing letters from NNPC headquarters to evacuate the product from there (Ore depot) to an unknown destination outside the two main states,” Mr Ayodele said.

Another petroleum dealer, who doesn’t want to be mentioned gave an insight on the shortage of PMS, he said there wouldn’t be long queues in petroleum stations if the PMS in Ore depot meant for Ekiti and Ondo wasn’t diverted to the northern part of the country.

He said the repulsive behaviors by the NNPC won’t be tolerated

He said, “For example, if they are loading 20,000 litres from the depot and taking 15,000 litres to Akure and Ekiti, we would see reasons for their action.

“But these people are coming in with their trucks with letters from the authority and loading the products outside the states and even diverting it while our people are here suffering to get the product.

“We would no longer accept this because the scarcity also affects Ondo and Ekiti people and we might likely maintain our stand by shutting down the gate of the depot if it persists.”

When the IPMAN chairman, Shina Amoo, ore depot was contacted, he said, he was already discussing with NNPC authorities about the situation and refused to take further questions.

This incident has caused long queues In petroleum stations in Ekiti and Ondo, most stations have no product and are closed.

Filling stations with PMS sell it for #200 per liter, while diesel is sold for #1000.